How are the windows holding up in your home? You might notice an occasional draft. Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your window sashes are damaged. Perhaps the panes fog up or condensation forms between them. Worse yet, the window frame could be rotting. If any of these scenarios apply to your home, you may require a new window or possibly all new windows. But where do you start?

A replacement window is made-to-measure for an existing window frame and is designed to be installed without removing the exterior siding or window trim, which would complicate and increase the cost of the job. You’re more likely to be looking for new-construction windows if you’re building a new home or planning a remodeling project. The customization options for replacement windows can be overwhelming, but our experts at Energy Efficient Replacements are here to help you decide which windows are best for your home.

How to Get Started

You can certainly go to your local store to browse the window aisle and acquaint yourself with the different brands and styles, but those options likely won’t fit your specific window openings because there is no standard size. It’s not a one size fits all situation. Instead, you can call your local professionals at Energy Efficient Replacements to conduct a site review of your home, take accurate measurements, and discuss with you the needs of your home and the design you’re looking for with your home improvement project. During your consultation, one of our specialists will go over samples and options for materials while reviewing the specific requirements for your home’s structure. We’ll also discuss your budget and what kind of windows would be best for each room based on how much sunlight or shade your walls are exposed to. When getting started with your replacement window project, the first step is always to have the experts visit your home and perform an evaluation.

Make Decisions About Materials & Construction

A modern bedroom with new triple-pane windows in a home in Granger, IN.

It’s important to talk to an industry expert about your options for window frames before making your selection. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl frames can all be good insulators, but you should pick the material that best suits the climate where you live. You’ll also need to consider how many panes of glass you want. The standard choice is double-paned glass, where the panes are separated by a spacer, and the hollow is typically filled with argon gas, which provides insulation. The spacer also provides a moisture barrier that helps keep warm air inside and prevents cold air from entering your home. You can also invest in triple-pane windows, which insulate even further and help decrease outside noise. These windows are more expensive but can be worth purchasing if you live near an exceptionally noisy area, like an airport or highway. Your quote will be affected by the decisions you make around aesthetics, functionality, material, number of windows, and more. Once you’ve made all the important decisions, our specialists will get to work on your custom-made windows, designed to perfectly fit and complement your lovely home.

Cost of Windows & Installation

There’s no getting around it: windows are expensive. When you’re ready to make the investment, you need to consider your options. You may not be able to replace all the windows in your home, so which ones need it the most? Installation costs will vary significantly based on the size of the job you request. Our experts at Energy Efficient Replacements promise to always provide you with a fair and honest quote, as well as thoroughly exceptional service. That being said, we want you to know that this is a great investment for your home, but you’re not likely to recoup the entire expense in energy savings. New windows should help lower your gas and electric bills, but it would take many years before the savings cancel out the cost of the windows and installation costs. However, if you choose to sell your home, you’ll be glad you invested in new windows, as this will be a selling point sure to interest prospective buyers and help raise your home’s worth and price. In fact, you should recover 60-80% of the project cost.

Pick the Best Company for the Job

A contemporary den with new double-paned windows in a home in Granger, IN.

For experts in the industry who can provide you with all the information you need to decide on the perfect windows for your home, contact Energy Efficient Replacements. We have your guide to energy-efficient windows and can provide guidance through selections like low-emissivity glass, obscure glass, laminated glass, spacer systems, and gas enhancements. Your trust will never be misplaced in our licensed and insured home improvement contractors in Granger, IN. Since 2003, we have been a leading contractor in the home improvement industry, with exceptional results in window installation. We let our 5-star reviews speak for themselves—as a prospective customer, you can rely on the feedback of the others who came before you and trusted us with the care of their homes. We invite you to peruse our website and contact our team with any questions you might have. We’re here to assist you in any way we can. Call today to get started on your window replacement project.

When you’re ready to invest in new windows, call Energy Efficient Replacements at 574.387.3297 to get the process started. We’ll provide a thorough evaluation and an honest quote and a time frame in which to complete your window replacement installation. What are you waiting for? Call now!