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Replacement Windows

How Much Can I Save on My Energy Bills by Switching Out My Old Windows for New Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows have the potential to save you an average of 12% on your energy bills.

Why is There Condensation on My Windows?

Condensation occurs on windows when warm humid air comes in contact with cooler glass. This is more common in the winter months when the outside air is more dry and the inside is warm and humid.

Why Won’t My Window Sash Stay Up?

When your window sash is broken, the wrong size, or the balance of your window is off, a common result is that your window will not stay up. If this is an issue in your home, please reach out to our professionals for window repair services to identify and restore the issue with your sash.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Windows?

Yes! At Energy Efficient Replacements, we offer limited lifetime warranties on all of our window products. These warranties are usually provided by the manufacturer depending on the window brand you choose, so make sure to double check with our team on current product warranties.

How Can I Find the Square Footage of My Window?

To find the square footage of your window, start by taking the exact width and height of your window. Then, multiple the width by the height and divide by 144 to get a square footage measurement.

How Can I Make Sure the Install Process Goes as Smoothly as Possible?

To make the installation go smoothly as possible, all the windows need to be accessible. For example, on the interior the curtains and blinds should be taken down before arrival and exterior lawn decorations should be moved away from the windows.

Can I Install Windows During the Winter Months?

Yes! Even during the winter months, the cold does not prevent us from installing your new window.

What's the Difference Between New Construction and Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows will fit right into the existing frame of the window being replaced, new construction/full replacement windows get the whole frame removed and replaced.

Will the Replacement Windows Be Installed from the Inside or Outside?

Replacement windows are installed from the outside, but some steps do require to be done on the inside of the home

How Long Will Installation Take?

Depending on the amount of windows/size it could take 1-3 days to complete but typical jobs are completed within one day

What Does Low-E Stand for?

Low-E stands for “Low-emissivity” Low- emissivity glass helps minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the glass. This helps keep unwanted heat out of the home.

Should I Replace All My Windows at the Same Time?

If you can swing it, you are better off to replace all the windows in your home at the same time. That way you can make sure all the products are the same and that you will have one installation date.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular option for homeowners due to their straightforward design that complements the style of most homes. With a simple mechanism for opening and closing your window, there aren’t unnecessary parts that can break over time. You’re guaranteed to get the benefits of a high-quality window, without sacrificing modern designs and your budget.

Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient?

Casement windows are extremely energy efficient due to their ability to open as wide as the frame itself. Opening your casement windows allows for increased ventilation in your home, that reduces the energy used by your AC to properly cool your home.

Can I Install Casement Windows on My Own?

In order to ensure the longevity and performance of your casement windows, it’s important to have a certified, experienced professional complete the installation process. Any windows installed by the customer may become void of a lifetime warranty if the installation or product is damaged. To make sure that your windows are installed correctly, choose a home improvement company you can trust.

Can I Customize My Casement Windows?

Just like any of our window styles, you are able to customize your casement windows to reflect your desired color, texture, finish, and hardware to match your home. From traditional styles to modern designs, there are endless possibilities to customize your casement windows when you choose Energy Efficient Replacements.

Are Casement Windows Low Maintenance?

Yes! All casement windows from our name-brand manufacturers are extremely low maintenance, easy to clean, and come in a vinyl material that lasts for decades. Simply use warm water, dish soap, and a washcloth to clear any dirt or debris from your windows and frames for spotless results.

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Double-Hung Windows

Can Double-Hung Windows Save Energy in My Home?

Absolutely. Our double-hung windows are some of the best products on the market for energy savings. Dual pane windows can dramatically reduce your monthly energy bill by helping to maintain the temperature of your home and allowing for maximum ventilation in the warmer months.

How Can I Clean Double-Hung Windows?

Cleaning double-hung windows can’t get much easier. With tiled sashes that allow for your windows to swing inward and out of your home, maintenance has never been more efficient. Use warm water and dish soap or baking soda and vinegar to remove any dirt or debris from the window frames.

When Should I Upgrade to Double-Hung Windows?

If your home’s windows are over 15-20 years old, are experiencing drafts, or you notice an increase in your monthly energy bill, it may be time to upgrade to double-hung windows. Our name-brand double-hung windows are guaranteed to last for well over a decade, require minimal maintenance, and can protect your home in a variety of weather conditions.

Can I Install Double Hung Windows in the Winter?

Yes! Double-hung windows, just like any other window style, can be installed in the winter. While there are more special steps that need to be taken to ensure product performance, our installation team is skilled at performing double-hung window installation 365 days a year!

Are Double Hung Windows Expensive?

Double-hung windows are becoming a highly sought-after product for homeowners. Currently, double-hung windows can start as low as $99 a unit depending on the style, finish, and installation rate of your local home improvement company. To determine the exact cost of replacing your windows with double-hung models, contact our team for a free in-home estimate.

What is the Difference Between Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows?

A single hung window is a window that only has one operable sash. With a double hung window both sashes can move up and down.

Sliding Windows

Do Slider Windows Cost More?

Slider windows are actually one of the most affordable window options on the market. Due to their standard build and non-mechanical parts, these windows are easy to install, use, and fit within your home improvement budget.

How Can I maintain My Sliding Windows?

Maintaining sliding windows couldn’t be easier. With both sashes visibility available and easy to access, cleaning and maintaining your sliding windows is as simple as cleaning any other hard surface. Wipe off any dirt or dust using a paper towel, dish soap, and warm water.

Why Should I Choose Sliding Windows for My Home?

Sliding windows offer immense natural light and outdoor views, making your home feel much larger and open. Since slider windows only move back and forth, having them completely open allows for increased ventilation and energy efficiency that can be experienced almost immediately.

Can I Put a Window AC in a Slider Window?

 Window AC units are not designed for slider windows due to the lack of support needed on the top and bottom of the cooling system. If you’re looking for windows that fit your window air conditioners, try our double-hung window designs.

Are Double Hung Windows Expensive?

Double-hung windows are becoming a highly sought-after product for homeowners. Currently, double-hung windows can start as low as $99 a unit depending on the style, finish, and installation rate of your local home improvement company. To determine the exact cost of replacing your windows with double-hung models, contact our team for a free in-home estimate.

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Picture Windows

Are Picture Windows Energy Efficient?

Yes! Picture windows offer double-glazed or low-E coated glass to provide additional insulation for homes in the Michiana area. Low-E coatings reduce infrared and UV light, while minimizing unwanted radiation from the sun.

Why Should I Choose Picture Windows for My Home?

Picture windows are the perfect choice for your home if you’re looking to add natural light that reaches to every corner of your living space. They allow you to get a great view of the outdoors, create climate-controlled comfort, and add to the curb appeal of your home.

Are Picture Windows Affordable?

Yes. In fact, they’re the most affordable windows on the market. Since these windows do not open or close, they don’t require pricey mechanisms to keep them secure. For an exact price on your picture window installation, give us a call and we’ll compare pricing alongside other window styles we offer.

How Are Picture Windows Installed or Replaced?

After measurements are taken, the window installer will cut out the frame for your window and insert the glass panel with help from assisting team members. Once the old window is removed and discarded of, insulation is then installed to prevent drafts, and trim and caulk are applied on the inside and outside of your home. If your window is being replaced, then each step is the same except for creating the frame in your wall.

What Are the Standard Picture Window Sizes?

Standard picture windows usually follow stock sizes, or fixed-size increments for easy measurement and installation. The width and height of a picture window starts at 12 in and increases by 6 in each time. So, standard sizes may look like: 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 inches, and so on. If you have a preferred high that has a custom size, contact our team for estimates.

Bay & Bow Windows

Can I Open My Bay or Bow Window?

Yes! If you choose to have a custom bay or bow window installed, many products come with a choice of having fixed or vented windows. This means you can choose to have them open, giving you maximum ventilation and natural light.

What’s the Difference Between Bay & Bow Windows?

A bay window has three angled window panels, two of which can be customized to open, while a bow window has 4-5 slim window panels that can be fixed or vented. If you’re wanting a more open view to your outdoor space, a bay window is the perfect addition to any home, while a bow window offers just as much viewing with more of a private framing design.

What Are the Typical Panel Sizes of a Bay or Bow Window?

There isn’t an industry standard to the size of a bay or bow window. However, the most common sizes for household range anywhere from 3.6 ft to 10.6 ft wide and roughly the same measurements for the height. We offer custom bay and boy window sizes and panel designs.

Where Should I Put a Bay Window?

Bay windows are the perfect addition to any living space! Many homeowners choose to add a bay window in their kitchen, living room, and even bedroom to offer a unique design to their home. Bay windows in these locations are also great for additional storage and seating.

Can I Replace a Double-Hung Window with a Bay or Bow Window?

Yes! In fact, this is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to create a unique design for your home that increases resale value. Adding a bay window in between two double or single-hung windows increases natural light, and makes your entire space feel twice the size.

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Egress Windows

What Size Egress Window Should I Install?

To meet the required standards for an egress window, you must have a minimum width of 20 inches, a minimum height of 24 inches, and a net clear opening of 5.7 square feet.

Will I Need Any Permits?

Yes, however, Energy Efficient Replacements takes care of all permit processes so that you never have to worry about paperwork or legal requirements.

Is Your Equipment Going to Damage Our Yard?

Not at all! We use a small excavator and loader to remove dirt from your yard and place protectant material on your yard before unloading our equipment. We guarantee to protect your yard through the entire process.

How Messy Is the Installation Process?

Not messy at all! We prep your home’s interior with tarps and cloth to prevent the spread of dust or dirt that may fall in during the excavation process. Our team takes all precautions necessary to ensure your home is left just as we found it.

How Long Does the Process Take?

We are proud to offer 1-day installation on our egress window projects. This time frame is set for each egress window that’s installed and will be delegated to the homeowners before we get started.

Andersen® Windows

Can I Return My Window if It’s the Wrong Size or Color?

If there is an issue with your Andersen® windows, it’s important to contact Energy Efficient Replacements for help with your products. We aim for your 100% satisfaction and will be glad to handle any issue you may have with the color or size of your order.

Can I Paint My Andersen® Windows & Doors?

Andersen® windows and doors are made of Fibrex® material, vinyl, fiberglass, or prefinished Flexacron®. Manufactured with maintenance-free cladding, painting is not necessary for our products.

What Hardware Options Do You Have Available?

Andersen® Windows offers dozens of hardware finishes and styles for homeowners to choose from. We guarantee to have high-quality products that match your home while complementing the style and design of your windows and doors.

Do You Offer Grilles Inside of the Glass?

Yes! Andersen® offers Finelight™ grills which are suspended between the panes of your glass windows. This allows you to easily clean the inside and outside of your windows and doors.

Do You Offer Any Product Warranties?

We do! All Andersen® products coming with an exclusive Owner-2-Owner® limited warranty on all of our windows, doors, hardware, and other home improvement accessories. This is one of the best warranty offers in the industry, so make sure to speak with your dealer to get our warranty information.

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Sunrise® Windows

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Can I Install Sunrise® Windows Myself?

No, and here’s why. In order to maintain their industry-leading reputation and performance, all Sunrise® Windows need to be installed by a certified and approved dealer. This guarantees long-lasting results and impeccable installation that will keep your home protected for years to come.

How Long Does Window Installation Usually Take?

The duration of your window installation project depends on a number of factors: how many windows are being installed? How big is your home? How many installers are on the job? What are the weather conditions? As you can see, each project is different, however, our project manager working on your home should be able to give you an accurate estimate on how long your project will take.

Are Sunrise® Windows Installed from the Inside or Outside?

In order to make sure that your windows are properly installed, Sunrise® Windows need to be handled both inside and outside your home. For maximum energy efficiency, our installers will insulate, anchor, and seal your windows to ensure long-term protection.

Who is Responsible for Disposing My Old Windows?

Us! Energy Efficient Replacements will be responsible for removing and disposing of your old windows for total peace of mind throughout the installation project. We properly dispose of any material and debris that needs to be cleaned and ensure your property is spotless from the inside out before we leave.

How Much Will My Window Installation Project Cost?

Every homeowner wants to know just how much their window installation project will cost up front. Without a proper inspection of your home and an estimate from our project manager, there isn’t an accurate number we can give our clients right away. The cost of your windows will depend on the style, finish, number of windows being installed, and length of the project.

Entry Doors

What Types of Doors Are Available?

We offer steel and fiberglass doors and a wide variety of design/color options!

What Kind of Front Door is the Most Energy Efficient?

The most energy efficient doors are fiberglass doors. This is because fiberglass cannot conduct heat well making it efficient on its own.

Can I Get Glass in My Door?

Absolutely! Our manufacturers, Polaris Windows & Doors, and Andersen Windows & Doors, offers custom glass options for homeowners looking to add glass paneling to their door frames. Glass is a great way to customize your entry door and create a unique look to enhance your curb appeal.

How Do I Pick a Color for My New Door?

Depending on where the door is located you may need to purchase a fire rated door.

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is a second, outer door that is installed in front of your entry door to protect from bad weather. Storm doors also come with screens to allow maximum ventilation in your home. Energy Efficient Replacements includes storm door installation for all wood and fiberglass entry door projects.

Will My New Door Have a Warranty?

Yes! Your new door will have a warranty through the manufacturer.

How Do I Pick a Color for My New Door?

To pick a color for your new door you’ll want to take your home’s surroundings into consideration but it’s completely up to you!

Will a New Door Help with Drafts?

A new door can drastically help with a draft due to a new tighter seal.

What Way Should My Door Swing?

Your door should swing whichever way you’d like!

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Patio Doors

Are Patio Doors Secure?

When you choose patio doors from Energy Efficient Replacements, we offer reliable patio door installation services and products that are secure for homes of all sizes. Get high-quality locking mechanisms installed on your patio doors to give you peace of mind year-round.

What Are the Benefits of a Hinged Patio Door?

Having a hinged patio door versus one that is on a stable track, allows you to have full opening capabilities that give you unobstructed views to your patio or deck. Hinged doors also allow for better security and are easier to repair when issues arise.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Patio Door?

Depending on the size of your patio door and the trim that you’ve chosen, replacing a patio door can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. Our installation technician will keep homeowners updated on the length of your patio door project.

How Can I Prepare My Home for Patio Door Installation?

To allow for a smooth installation process, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home for our installation experts. Remove any furnishings or décor surrounding the space where your patio door will be installed. Make sure young children and pets are out of the living space to ensure their safety and minimize distractions.

How Do I Care for My Patio Door?

Once your patio door is installed, it takes minimal maintenance to keep in quality condition. Simply clean the tracks or hinges using soap and water or vacuum any dirt or dust hat surrounds the corners of your patio doors. To make sure that your hinges and tracks stay in good condition, try lubricating them once a year with our specialty door cleaning products.

Polaris® Windows & Doors

Do Your Doors Come with a Warranty?

Yes! All of our Polaris® entry and patio doors come with a limited lifetime warranty for our customers. This lasts the entire duration of owning your home and covers damage from natural wear and tear. Contact your Polaris® dealer for more information and limitations on our warranty.

Can I Get Glass Options with My Entry Door?

Polaris® offers dozens of glass panel options for homeowners to choose from. You are able to customize the level of transparency, panel design, and the metal options for your frames to make each door uniquely yours. Work with your Polaris® dealer to find the perfect glass panels for your front door.

Can I Customize the Hardware for My Door?

Absolutely. All our hardware selections are completely customizable. From the types of handles and locks to the finish of your deadbolt and frame hardware, Polaris® offers various metals and shades of hardware to match your entry door.

I Want Real Wood for My Front Door – Is This Possible?

Yes! Polaris® offers several classic stain colors on Poplar or Oak entry doors: natural oak, fruitwood, cherry, dark oak, colonial oak, and rosewood. Real wooden doors are a great choice for homes looking to add a custom look to their exterior.

How Can I Keep My Patio Door in Good Shape?

While our entry doors and patio doors are fairly maintenance-free, it’s still important to know how to care for your Polaris® products to keep them in pristine condition. Seasonal cleaning and hardware inspections are a great way to ensure your doors are providing maximum security for your home.

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Should I Consider Vinyl Siding for My Home?

You should consider vinyl siding for your home because it is durable, cost effective, weather resistant and maintenance free!

What Types of Siding Do You Offer for Residential Homes?

We only offer vinyl siding for residential homes, however there are many different colors and styles to choose from.

Should I Repaint My Home or Install New Vinyl Siding?

Repainting your siding won’t last as long as replacing your vinyl siding. Replacing your siding will last much longer and is maintenance free!

What Color & Design Options Do You Offer?

From standard colors like white and black to unique shades such as russet red or harbor grey, there are hundreds of color and design options you can choose from when working with Energy Efficient Replacements. All of our sidings come with either woodgrain or smooth finishes and delivers a strength and durability that lasts for years.

Do I Need to Paint or Prepare My Property for Siding Installation?

To prepare for a vinyl siding installation you will want to have your landscaping pulled back and make sure nothing is in the way around the perimeter of the home, this gives us the best access to the siding.

How Do I Know if My Siding Needs to Be Replaced?

You know that it’ll be time to replace your siding if it has any cracks, warps, bubbles, etc. these will cause your home to be less efficient.

What Are Maintenance Requirements for New Vinyl Siding?

The only maintenance requirement for your new vinyl siding is to keep it clean!

Can Replacement Siding Improve Energy Consumption?

When you install new vinyl siding it can help improve your energy consumption.

Can New Siding Help with Noise Reduction?

New Vinyl siding can help reduce the noise in your home.

How Long Does It Take to Install?

Vinyl siding can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week to install. It really depends on how big your home is.

Is the Interior of My Home Affected?

No, the interior of the home is not affected, all installation takes place outside of the home.

Mastic® Siding

Does Mastic® Ply Gem Siding Come with a Warranty?

Yes! Ply Gem offers a limited lifetime warranty for their siding products. This warranty includes a replacement for cracked, faded, or split siding for as long as you live at your home. This is by far the best warranty in the industry and can be transferred to any other homeowner that moves into your property.

Do You Offer Custom Color Siding Options?

When it comes to the color of your siding, the sky’s the limit! Energy Efficient Replacements works with Mastic® to offer modern and unique color selections that are customized to the style of your home. Mix and match colors to find the perfect shade and even see which colors are trending for homes around the country. Ply Gem offers the best color selections on the market for siding.

What Kind of Siding Accessories Do You Offer?

There are several accessories available to complement and protect your new siding. Ply Gem offers gutters, gutter covers, metal soffit and fascia products, and mounting blocks for exterior lights to give your home it’s very own custom look. These aren’t the only accessories to choose from when you work with Energy Efficient Replacements; reach out to our team for a detailed list of additional accessories you can add to your siding project.

Can I Choose Unique Textures for My Siding?

Absolutely. There are many ways to add texture and depth to your home’s exterior when you choose Mastic® Ply Gem siding. After choosing the material of your siding, homeowners have the ability to choose the physical texture, shape, and installation design. From traditional lap siding to wood textured shingles, there are several choices available when it comes to the look and feel of your siding.

Do You Offer Free Siding Estimates?

Yes! All our siding projects include a free estimate to give homeowners peace of mind every step of the way. You’ll never have to deal with unnecessary upcharges or wonder how much your siding installation costs before getting started. Get a free estimate when you call Energy Efficient Replacements in Granger, IN.

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How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

You may need new roof if… You have cracked shingles, loose or missing shingles, and damage around skylights and chimneys.

What is an Ice and Water Shield, is It Important?

An ice and water shield is a piece of material used to help protect your roof decking if water gets underneath.

How Do I Know if My Roof is Leaking? And If It is, What Do I Do?

To know if your roof is leaking, you’ll want to check your ceiling for any water spots, if you see any discolored spots most likely your roof is leaking.

If your roof has a leak, call energy efficient replacements to determine if you need to replace your roof!

Can I Put New Shingles Over an Existing Layer of Shingles?

You should not place new shingles over old shingles, you will get the most longevity if you completely tear off the old and reinstall with new.

How Long Should a New Roof Last?

A new roof should last on the home for about 20 to 50 years.

How Much Do New Roofs Cost?

A new roof will cost you roughly 15-30 thousand dollars depending on the size of your homes roof.

Does My New Roof Have a Warranty?

Yes! The shingles are covered under manufacturer warranty.

Do I Invest in a New Roof Before Selling My Home?

If you’re wanting to sell your home for top dollar, investing in a new roof is guaranteed to increase the asking price. When potential buyers are looking for homes, most of the time they invest in an inspector that checks the roof to identify any issues or damages. If any are found, you will likely have to pay to have them repaired or miss out on the opportunity to sell your home.


How Can I Tell if My Gutters Aren't Draining Properly?

Your gutters may not be draining properly if water is pouring out of your gutters, water leaking into your basement, standing water in gutters, and any erosion to your home’s exterior.

Why Are Gutters Important?

Your gutters are essential to your property’s water filtering process. When rain and snow run off your roof, it needs to be properly drained into a nearby sewer system to prevent flooding and water damage from attacking your home.

Can I Get Gutters in Different Colors?

Yes, there are many different color options to choose from!

Is There a Difference Between a Residential & Commercial Gutter?

Yes – but only by one inch. Residential gutters are typically 5 inches wide and commercial gutters are 6 inches wide to allow a higher volume of water to dispense into the sewer system. Both gutter types are made of the same material and installed by highly qualified professionals.

Which Roofs Last Longer, Steep Slope Or Flat Roofs?

While the longevity of any roof depends on the materials, process of installation, and maintenance, flat roofs tend to last longer than steep slope roofs. If you have a steep slope roof, it’s important that your shingles are protected from the sun and properly vented to ensure they don’t wear out faster than expected.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Gutters?

It may be time to replace your gutters if you have any sort of cracks, splits, rusting, pooling water etc.

Do I Really Need to Clean My Gutters Twice a Year?

Cleaning your gutters two times a year is recommended due to the amount of leaves and debris that can get clogged in the downspout. If left uncleaned and they end up getting clogged the water will back up and cause more issues.

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Emergency Storm Damage

What Can I Do to Prevent Storms from Damaging My Home?

To prevent serious damage from affecting your home, it’s important to make sure all of your windows and doors are professional sealed, any missing or damaged shingles on your roof are replaced, and any loose rising is repaired before storm season hits.

How Do I Know If My Home Has Hail Damage?

There are a few ways to tell if your home has been damaged by hail. Check the perimeter of your property for any loose debris, shingles, or pieces of siding that may have been damaged during the storm. If you notice a day or two later that there is a leak in your roof, this is also a sign that your home has suffered hail damage and needs to be examined by a professional.

What Kind of Storm Damage Services Do You Offer?

We offer a range of storm damage services caused by wind, hail, or thunderstorms. From emergency roof repair and replacement to siding repair, debris removal, and cleanup, our team does it all. If the exterior of your home has been damaged, give us a call for immediate restoration services.

What Types of Damages Are Possible After a Heavy Storm?

Common damages after a harsh storm include missing roof shingles, roof damage, siding damage, and even cracked windows or doors. Energy Efficient Replacements specializes in all storm damage repairs for homes in the Michiana area.

What Should I Do After a Storm Comes Through?

The first thing you should do after a storm comes through is to check the exterior of your home. Visible damage can be spotted immediately, indicating your need for our emergency services. Make sure there are no shingles lying in your yard, your siding is intact, and your windows are secure. Taking photos of your property is also a great idea for insurance purposes.

Screen Repair

Do I Need Custom Window & Door Screens?

Yes. There really isn’t a universal size for window and door screens. Luckily, it’s easy to measure how much mesh screen is needed to provide a replacement or repair service. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and screen thicknesses to choose from.

What Are Window & Door Screens Made Of?

Our high-quality screens are made with either fiber or aluminum mesh material for your windows and doors. Our team miter cuts all screens to the exact dimensions you provide us for a perfect fit and years of protection.

When Should I Replace My Window or Door Screen?

If you notice your mesh is fraying, split, or withering away from natural wear and tear, these are all signs it’s time to replace your window or door screen. We give free estimates to all of our clients and help restore your mesh screens for an affordable price.

How Are Window & Door Screens Installed?

Our team offers drop-off, pick-up and on-site services for your window and door screen installation. Depending on the type of screen you have will determine how your new screens will be installed. If you have a triple track screen with hardware, or a stationary screen in your door, let our team know and we will install your new screens accordingly.

What Do Window or Door Screens Cost?

The price of your window or door screens will depend on the size of your screen and the type of material used. To get an exact estimate of your screen repair service, contact our team today.

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