Your home is meant to be a sanctuary – the one space where you can relax and entertain guests completely customized to your liking. Enhance your space and have peace of mind in your family’s safety with replacement windows from Energy Efficient Replacements in Goshen, IN. Old windows can be drafty, inefficient and pose various issues, from health concerns to security risks. We know that window replacement projects can be expensive, so we’ve put together the ultimate guild on knowing when to replace old windows and what options to choose from.

Do My Windows Need to Be Replaced?

The first step in determining whether your windows need to be replaced is to identify any signs of wear and tear. A few visible indicators that it’s time for new windows include cracks in the glass, a damaged frame, moisture building around the seal, or a sash that won’t stay up. Another sign could be that your windows are difficult to open and close, or you constantly notice a draft from the seal or trim. Energy Efficient Replacements specializes in replacement windows for homes in Goshen, IN and uses MI Windows & Doors products to ensure long-term performance. If you’re unsure whether your windows need replacing or need assistance selecting the right windows for your home, contact our team immediately.

Energy Savings

A white kitchen in Goshen, IN that has had old windows replaced with Sunrise Windows by Energy Efficient Replacements.

One of the main benefits of replacing old windows is the energy savings you’re bound to experience with our MI Windows & Doors products. New windows keep your home more insulated, preventing any heat or cool air from slipping through cracks or tears in your seals. This alone can help reduce your heating and cooling costs and provide maximum comfort for your family. In addition, when you choose energy-efficient windows from our team, you’ll have access to modern designs and installation techniques that can regulate or lower monthly energy costs. Energy Efficient Replacements will work with you to find the best ENERGY STAR products for your single-pane or double-pane windows in Goshen, IN. Contact us today at 574.387.3297 to learn more about replacing your old windows.

Ensuring Proper Installation

The key to proper window installation depends on the steps taken before and after your new windows are set in place. First, your window frames must be cleaned, prepped, and inspected before new products are installed to prevent hidden damage from causing inefficiencies down the road. The next step is ensuring you have a trusted window installer that has read the instructions provided by the manufacturer and that all materials are compatible with your frame. Finally, proper installation is crucial to ensure your new windows function properly and maximize energy savings. Energy Efficient Replacements is a reputable contractor with years of experience installing windows for residential homes in Goshen, IN. Contact us today to begin your window replacement project.

The Benefits of New Windows

A new bay window with white exterior trim that was replaced by Energy Efficient Replacements in Goshen, IN.

When your windows are outdated and cause frequent repairs, investing in replacement windows can be the best choice financially and aesthetically for your home. However, there are several things to consider when taking on a complete window replacement project. With that in mind, Energy Efficient Replacements would like to educate homeowners on the guaranteed benefits that come with our windows from MI Windows & Doors. Once you’ve chosen the desired style and placement of your new windows, after proper installation, you’ll experience these worthy advantages:

  • Strategic Airflow Movement
  • Increased Natural Light
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Stunning Design Options
  • Increased Safety & Protection
  • Custom Glass Options
  • Guaranteed Curb Appeal
  • Complementary Trim & Grids

Get Quality Windows from MI Windows & Doors

At Energy Efficient Replacements, we proudly supply replacement windows from our name-brand manufacturer, MI Windows & Doors. As an industry-leading provider, they offer various window styles and options to fit any home’s aesthetic and functional needs. With decades of testing and designing replacement windows, MI Windows & Doors are proud to be known for having durable, energy-efficient, and performance-proven products for residential homes.

Replacing old windows can provide significant energy savings, improve the appearance of your home, and increase your comfort and security. If you’re considering replacing your windows in Goshen, IN, choose us as your reputable contractor to ensure a proper installation. Contact our experts for a consultation and to learn more about how new windows can benefit your home.