When your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s no easy decision to choose a contracting company to get the job done. Many companies claim to be experienced experts, but how can you know which one to choose for your project? Energy Efficient Replacements has put together a guide for choosing a qualified roofing contractor for your home in Granger, IN. If you’re having trouble with your search, keep reading to make sure you have the best chance of receiving high-quality service.

Always Ask for Proof of Insurance

The first thing you should do when looking to hire a roofing contractor is to ask for proof of insurance. It is illegal for any roofing company in Indiana to perform contracting services without the proper certifications and coverage. If you hire a contractor or roofing company that is not insured, any injuries to the workers present or damage to your home will be left for you to cover all on your own. Energy Efficient Replacements always carries proof of insurance to give homeowners peace of mind on their roofing project before we get started. Schedule a roof repair or replacement service with our insured roofing company in Granger, IN.

Browse Through Online Reviews

When searching the internet for an experienced contractor, customer reviews and doing research on the company’s longevity can tell you a lot about their work. While many licensed roofers claim to be experts, having written reviews to back up their work is one of the first things homeowners should search for before scheduling a roofing team. Energy Efficient Replacements has over 20 years of experience as a roofing contractor in Granger, IN, along with an A+ BBB rating and dozens of 5-star customer reviews for our customers to preview before booking our roofing services. With our years of experience combined with real-life customer reviews, you can be sure that our team is the best choice for your upcoming roofing repair or replacement.

Manufacturer Certifications

A residential home in Granger, IN that has just had a new roof installed by a contracting team. A home with a ladder resting on the edge of a roof that has been replaced.

Many contractors work with specific manufacturers that supply their roofing materials. When choosing the right team for your roof repair or replacement, it’s important to find a company that has certifications with high-quality roofing manufacturers that guarantee long-lasting products. 

At Energy Efficient Replacements, we work with CertainTeed, a top name in the industry that is known for high-end residential and commercial roofing products. When hiring a roofing contractor in Granger, IN, always make sure they have manufacturer certifications that have proven results and unlimited style options to choose from. Contact our team today to get access to our current CertainTeed roofing products.

Clear & Easy-to-Read Contracts

If the contractor you’re looking at has checked all of the boxes above, the last thing homeowners should consider is the layout and phrasing found in a roofing contract. Replacing or repairing an entire roof is a huge job, which means the right paperwork must be filled out to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Contracts that are confusing to read or have added fees that were not discussed with the contractor can lead to signing for services or guarantees that you may not be comfortable with. Always make sure to read through a contract to make sure payment information is clear and expectations for both parties are set in stone before starting your roofing project.

At Energy Efficient Replacements, we walk our customers through each contract to ensure there is zero confusion or unexpected fees during a project. Contact us today at (574) 387-3297 to speak with our roofing contractor in Granger, IN.

Pictures of Past Jobs

Any promising contractor can look good on paper, but visual confirmation of quality work is essential when booking a roofing team. At Energy Efficient Replacements, we work with CertainTeed, a top name in the industry that is known for high-end residential and commercial roofing products. 

Having pictures of past jobs allows you to see what kind of work a contractor can provide and show you a range of products that could work for your property. Energy Efficient Replacements has dozens of recent photos on our website that highlight our home improvement and roofing services for residential properties in Granger, IN. Transparency is important to us, and we are happy to provide you with more images of our work upon request!