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For over 20 years, Energy Efficient Replacements has been the go-to choice for window replacement and installation services. Our crew has years of combined experience designing and preparing homes of all sizes for brand-new windows and frames. Properly installed windows can last anywhere from 15-20 years without needing to be replaced. Once your seals begin to weaken or you notice a constant draft coming from small cracks in the glass, it’s time to invest in replacement products from a reliable contractor. We offer high-quality window services, partnering with brands like Andersen® Windows & Doors and Sunrise® Windows & Doors to give our clients optimal performance at competitive prices.

Contact our window company in Dowagiac, MI for high-quality glass and frame options for your home. We offer residential and commercial window replacement services to our clients with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Window Replacement
Dowagiac Michigan

Many homeowners ignore their windows until there’s an issue that needs immediate repair. Unfortunately, this means that issues like broken seals, cracks, and a lack of energy efficiency are common results of a lack of maintenance. When your home starts experiencing any of the problems listed above, it’s time to invest in new windows and seals from Energy Efficient Replacements. Since 2003, we’ve provided window replacement services to homes in Dowagiac, MI and the surrounding areas. When you choose products from our manufacturers, we’ll help you design your new windows from size and design to glass enhancements and decorative grids.

Replacing your windows is one of the best ways you can increase the value and comfort of your home. Contact Energy Efficient Replacements in Dowagiac, MI for a free estimate and to start designing your custom windows.


Window Replacement in Dowagiac MI

Investing in modern windows from our name-brand manufacturers is guaranteed to provide endless benefits to your home. At Energy Efficient Replacements, we offer several window designs, from double-hung and casement windows to unique designs and frames that are customized to your liking. When your windows have broken seals or cracked glass and are no longer protecting your home from harsh weather, it’s time to invest in replacement products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. When you choose our team for window replacement services in Dowagiac, MI, you’ll experience the following benefits:

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Improved Energy Efficiency

Improve your home’s energy efficiency with replacement windows from top names in the industry. Our windows prevent moisture, air leaks, and humidity.

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Heightened Security

Protect your home and family with new windows and hardware locks.  Energy Efficient Replacements give you peace of mind with seal-tight window installation.

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Increased Home Value

Increase the value of your home with replacement windows from Energy Efficient Replacements. Our high-quality products add significant value to your property.

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Guaranteed Comfort

Eliminate cold drafts and regulate the temperature of your home with replacement windows. Properly installed windows guarantee your comfort year-round.

Window Installation
Dowagiac Michigan

Are you ready to choose new windows for your construction project? How about adding new windows to your existing property? Energy Efficient Replacements handles all types of window installation projects for homes and businesses throughout Dowagiac, MI. Our team will start by meeting with you to determine the right size and placement of your new windows before discussing design elements. Once we’ve determined a safe workspace for your project, we’ll help you choose the perfect wooden frames, glass panels, hardware, and other add-on features for your windows. All of our Andersen® Windows & Doors and Sunrise® Windows & Doors products are rated #1 for eco-friendly designs and longevity.

Request a free estimate and schedule a sit-down consultation with our certified home improvement experts at (574) 387-3297. We offer expert window installation services for residential and commercial properties in Dowagiac, MI.

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Types of Windows We Offer

With the home improvement industry constantly evolving, there are always new styles, designs, and technology that are incorporated into our products. Energy Efficient Replacements in Dowagiac, MI specializes in the replacement and installation of several window types. From standard double and single-hung windows to more unique designs like sliding, picture, and bow windows, our inventory includes a range of options for homeowners to choose from. Our in-depth window buyer’s guide helps our customers choose high-quality styles, colors, and frame options that reflect their budget and efficiency needs. Contact us today to learn more about the types of windows we offer and what add-on features we offer through our manufacturers.

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Double-Hung Windows

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Casement Windows

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Sliding Windows

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Fixed Picture Windows

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Bay & Bow Windows

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Egress Windows

Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home with Replacement Windows in Dowagiac Michigan

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Living in Dowagiac, Michigan means we get to experience the best (and worst) of all the seasons. Whether it’s 5 degrees or 85 degrees, you rely on replacement windows to keep your home comfortable. You also count on new window installation to keep your energy bills low.

When you want to get the most out of your replacement windows in Dowagiac, Michigan, here is how you can make sure your home becomes extra energy efficient.

Opt for Energy Efficient Gases

First, you need to consider the glass package of your new windows. It’s important for the glass to contain energy efficient inert gases, otherwise known as argon or krypton. These gases are denser than air and used to further insulate your home.

​If your windows don’t include argon or krypton gas, this makes it a lot easier for cold air to come through the glass. This will cause your home to feel cold in the winter while your energy bills continue to rise.

​Energy Star Certification

​Next on the list for energy efficient windows in Dowagiac, MI is low-e application. Low-e is an invisible coating that’s thinner than a human hair. It’s used to help reflect the sun’s rays so it doesn’t heat your home up like an oven during the summertime. It also helps prevents your flooring and furniture from fading from the sunlight.

Low-e Application

Next on the list for energy efficient windows in Dowagiac, MI is low-e application. Low-e is an invisible coating that’s thinner than a human hair. It’s used to help reflect the sun’s rays so it doesn’t heat your home up like an oven during the summertime. It also helps prevents your flooring and furniture from fading from the sunlight.

Durable Weatherstripping​

Not all weatherstripping is created equal. Poor quality weatherstripping won’t last or defend your home from drafts for very long. When you invest in window replacement, be sure that it includes quality weatherstripping to keep unwanted cold or warm air outside.

​Professional Window Installation

No matter how much you spend on your new upgrade, your windows won’t perform if the installation is incorrect. When you hire a window contractor, it’s important to ensure that they’re experienced to get the job done right. Attempting window installation on your own can result in hundreds of dollars lost in energy bills each year!

Our Window Manufacturers

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Invest in energy-efficient windows from one of the top brands in the industry. Our products guarantee heightened security and long-lasting comfort.

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Replace your windows with high-quality glass and custom frames from Sunrise. You’ll have access to a range of sizes, styles, and designs to choose from.

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